Property Damage Insurance Claims

StrubleCohen represents policyholders in claims for damage to property caused by a Hurricane, Windstorm, Hailstorm, Water, Plumbing Failure, Collapse and other Causes.

Florida Property Damage Attorneys

When you purchase homeowner’s insurance, you are generally purchasing an insurance policy that provides several different types of coverage.  A typical homeowner’s policy covers damage to your dwelling and personal property.  A business insurance policy provides similar coverage for your business and business property.  If you sustain property damage, a dispute may arise between you and your insurance company. If an insurance company has denied or underpaid your claim for property damage, StrubleCohen will fight for you. StrubleCohen has successfully handled both small and large property damage claims. 

If you are interviewing law firms for your property damage claim with a significant amount of damages at issue, you should ask the law firm whether it has successfully resolved such claims in the past.  Successfully handling such claims often requires a law firm with trial experience and the ability to hire costly experts.  StrubleCohen has tried over 50 cases.  StrubleCohen also has the ability to front expert costs that can exceed six figures in providing its clients with the evidence needed to prevail on large claims and combat the insurer’s reports. The attorneys at StrubleCohen have successfully represented individuals, businesses, and associations in large claims, and examples are below.

If you are an attorney, association’s attorney, property manager, or claims professional interviewing law firms to assist a client with a property damage claim, you should likewise ask the firm how many similar claims the firm has handled.  It may be imperative that the law firm have a track record of handling such claims and the ability to front the costs required to obtain experts, which can be costly and necessary to overturn a denial or underpayment.

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Property Damage Insurance Claims