When it comes to owning a home, no one else in the world pursues this dream with as much tenacity, vigor and desire as Americans.  After all, homeownership is the American Dream and for most of us, purchasing a home is the biggest investment we will make in our life. StrubleCohen attorneys focus on protecting your home by prosecuting insurance claims for property damages to ensure that your home can be properly repaired when it is damaged.

50+ jury trials.
60+ claim appeals.

StrubleCohen attorneys have the work ethic and trial experience necessary to aggressively pursue your insurance claim. The law firm was founded by Matthew G. Struble who became a member of the Florida Bar after he was recognized by the Fourth District Court of Appeal for achieving the highest score on the Florida Bar Exam.  Prior to founding StrubleCohen, Matthew Struble worked for one of Florida’s largest insurance defense firms, where he tried cases for many of Florida’s leading insurance companies.  StrubleCohen brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to policyholders when representing them in their claims for property damage.

Prepared to fight for your claim.

Since StrubleCohen was founded, it has successfully represented hundreds of homeowners against their insurance companies. Typically, our clients have recovered the full value of their claim, due in part to the insurance company being required to pay our attorney’s fees and costs as an additional damage.  In many cases, our clients’ recoveries have greatly exceeded the full claim amount, due to damages resulting from the insurer’s bad-faith claims handling. With offices in Fort Lauderdale and Melbourne, StrubleCohen attorneys are prepared to fight for you and force your insurance company to honor your claim.

Why choose us?

This is where we live.

With offices in both Central and Southern Florida, we handle property damage claims and represent policyholders throughout the state. We understand what it means when either your business or your home suffers significant damage and are proud to serve our communities by helping our neighbors get back on their feet.

Our qualifications and reputation speak volumes

Our founder and lead trial attorney, Matthew Struble, is certified by the Florida Bar in both Civil Trial and Appellate Practice – he is 1 of only 7 lawyers in the state of Florida with both of these certifications. He and his team have a proven track record of success and have been recognized by courts throughout Florida. Our attorneys are dedicated to fighting for the justice you deserve, and as our client, you gain the experience and reputation that we have worked hard to build as trial attorneys.

Bringing extraordinary outcomes to ordinary cases

StrubleCohen exclusively handles insurance and bad faith litigation. We force insurance companies to honor our clients’ claims and are results-driven and client-focused. We take property damage claims seriously.  If you are facing the loss of your home or business, we understand the importance of getting the insurance coverage you may be entitled to and deserve. For us, no claim is too small or too big, and we work tirelessly to achieve the best possible results for the people who trust us with their cases.

We’ve read their playbook

Prior to representing property owners and policyholders, Mr. Struble represented and defended several national insurance companies. As a result, he knows the tactics utilized by insurance companies to deny or reduce claims and can anticipate the arguments potentially raised at trial. This gives our firm a unique perspective on your case and a distinct advantage when it comes to establishing coverage for your claim and getting your claim paid.

You won’t pay legal fees or costs – regardless of recovery

Even with the recent changes in Florida law, we remain committed to representing property owners on a contingency fee basis and accept statutory fees only when possible. This provides us an opportunity to charge our clients no fees, and no costs, regardless of whether there is a recovery. Feel free to contact us today to learn more.

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Board certified in civil trial

Board certified in appellate trial

Less than 10 of 112,000 lawyers to have this distinction

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