Bad Faith Insurance Claims

StrubleCohen has established much of the law governing Bad Faith Insurance Claims and represents policyholders in claims for damage caused by claim delay, wrongful claim denials and other statutory violations.


You have a right to anticipate that an insurance company will act in good faith throughout the process of your insurance claim and the settlement process. Unfortunately, there are times when insurance companies wrongfully deny claims, offer lowball settlement offers that fail to cover claimants’ full damages, and pay less than claimants are owed. Whether you have been improperly denied, partially paid, unpaid, or have experienced other losses due to the bad faith of an insurance company, contact a Florida bad faith insurance lawyer from StrubleCohen to consider options on your claim.

Our experienced StrubleCohen attorneys have successfully prosecuted many bad faith insurance claims by identifying insurers’ wrongful use of bad faith tactics and successfully forcing many insurers to pay extensive damages resulting from the wrongful handling of claims.

Main Types of Coverage in Your Florida Homeowners Insurance

Your basic homeowner’s insurance policy will typically provide the following areas of coverage:

  • Dwelling coverage – this covers the structure of your home
  • Coverage for other structures – this provides coverage for detached structures about your property
  • Coverage for loss of use – this covers additional living expenses while your home is in a state of repair or is uninhabitable
  • Coverage for medical payments – in the instance where a property issue led to an injury
  • Personal liability coverage – this provides coverage for legal and medical bills in certain instances
  • Personal property coverage – this covers damage to your personal belongings

If your property has experienced damage that fits into any of these six major categories and your insurance company has failed to issue payment for covered damages owed and handled your claim in bad faith, you may be able to recover your damages with the help of a Florida bad faith insurance lawyer through a lawsuit against the insurance company.

Why are Property Insurance Claims Denied and/or Undervalued?

A broad variety of reasons might be given by the insurance company when your claim is denied. If you are rightfully entitled to benefits and your claim has been denied, you may consider how a Florida bad faith insurance lawyer can assist you.

Challenging the reasons for an insurance denial requires the assembly of evidence and the drafting of a well-supported, properly formatted lawsuit. When the denial and/or claim handling is unreasonable, and the insurance company is liable, you may have a case against the insurance company for your damages.

You Could Be Eligible for No Fee Property Damage Representation

We will let you know if these circumstances apply to your case. You will have a chance to ask any questions during our initial consultation before we get started on your claim.

Arrange for a Florida Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer to Fight on Your Behalf

The time it takes to successfully pursue a claim can be significant. To this end, working with a Florida bad faith insurance lawyer from StrubleCohen can provide you with support and advocacy in whatever step in the claims process you are in. If the insurance company will not be fair or has improperly handled your claim, we are honored to discuss your options including filing a lawsuit when there is a basis to do so.

To explore options on how we can help, contact us online, email us at or call us at 321-316-6597.

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Bad Faith Insurance Claims