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Appellate courts are the justice system’s safety net, allowing Plaintiffs the opportunity to seek a second chance in court. The Florida appellate process is complex and time-sensitive


Appellate courts are the justice system’s safety net, allowing Plaintiffs the opportunity to seek a second chance in court. The Florida appellate process is complex and time-sensitive. To be successful requires an appellate team that acts with confidence and clarity. At StrubleCohen, our appellate practice is led by Firm Founder Matthew Struble. Matthew is Board Certified in Appellate Practice, as well as Civil Trial Law, by the Florida bar. He is among only seven lawyers in the entire state to share these Board Certifications, which makes him uniquely qualified for appellate advocacy – specifically in the areas of property damage claims and business disputes.

StrubleCohen is a team of seasoned appellate lawyers who are available to assist at every stage of litigation. We also often work with other leading Florida attorneys, entering a case as co-counsel for Plaintiffs to prepare for and handle trials and appeals. Whether you feel your case is well-positioned for an appeal, or you are seeking an experienced lawyer and partner to act as counsel of record, or co-counsel on an appeal, StrubleCohen is available to assist.

The Role of Appellate Lawyers

Appellate lawyers can do more than just step in when it is time to file an appeal. Sometimes when the stakes are high it is ideal to have an experienced appeals lawyer available to assist during a trial in order to preserve the record for appeal. At StrubleCohen we can – and do – work both ways. We partner with co-counsel on civil appellate matters throughout the State of Florida assisting with a comprehensive menu of appellate services, including:

  • Developing and arguing legal issues
  • Arguing post-trial motions
  • Leading legal research and writing efforts
  • Writing briefs and motions
  • Providing trial support (at any stage)
  • Building a favorable record for appeal to help to preserve the right to challenge
  • Serving as lead or co-counsel
  • Drafting or reviewing briefs before they are submitted to the court

Years of appellate advocacy experience enable our team to anticipate and avoid problem issues and strategize based on our experience in providing trial support. From pre-trial legal research, preparing notices of appeals or motions, briefs, to handling oral argument, the appellate division at StrubleCohen can handle your matter and help conclude it successfully. Our collective appellate experience is only strengthened by the way we strategically manage litigation. StrubleCohen has tried more than 40 cases involving property damage claims and handled over 60 appeals in State and Federal courts. We are not strangers to the courtroom, and welcome the opportunity to secure a favorable settlement through trial and appeal if necessary.

Why Work with StrubleCohen?

When looking for a lawyer or law firm to act as appellate co-counsel you are, no doubt, seeking a firm that can deliver results. Our appellate attorneys have helped many clients earn appellate victories that reversed a previous loss or upheld a favorable judgment.

Our Firm Founder Matthew Struble is a seasoned and well-respected appellate lawyer. He is among a few lawyers in the State of Florida who hold a dual board certification in Civil Trial Law and Appellate Practice. When you work with StrubleCohen as co-counsel (or refer your cases to us), you are working with a Florida board-certified trial and appellate specialist. These credentials display the motivation and dedication we have for our insurance claims work.

Let’s Join Forces and Work Together: Contact Us Today

Regardless of where you are in the litigation process, our Florida appellate lawyers welcome the opportunity to learn how we can collaborate to gain a successful resolution on your legal matter. We have a healthy and robust appellate and property damage claims practice at StrubleCohen, and welcome working with other dedicated lawyers. Learn more about how we can collaborate by contacting us online.

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