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Whether it is a commercial or residential property, your real estate is often your most valuable asset. As a responsible property owner, you purchase insurance to protect that investment that you’ve made and put a significant amount of time and effort into carefully choosing a policy that ensures your property is protected. When covered losses occur, you expect your insurance company to help you get your property back in order, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. If you need help with your property damage claim, you’ve come to the right place.

You don’t have to accept your insurance company’s wrongful claim determination, failure to pay for covered damages, or refusal to act in accordance with obligations under the policy and Florida law. There are people who can help you fight for the coverages available to you under your insurance policy to ensure the insurance company issues the payment owed under the policy to restore your property to the condition it was in before the loss occurred. People who know how to navigate the claims process and how to hold insurance companies accountable. Legal professionals who are on your side advocating for your interests – the people at StrubleCohen.

Matthew Struble

Board certified Founder & Partner

Matthew Struble

Matthew Struble is a Trial and Appellate Lawyer certified by the Florida Bar in Civil Trial and is also certified by the Florida Bar in Appellate Practice. There are 112,000 lawyers in the State of Florida and Matthew Struble is 1 of less than 10 lawyers that share the distinction of being certified by the Florida Bar in both Civil Trial and Appellate Practice. StrubleCohen has handled over 50 jury trials and over 60 appeals. The firm represents policyholders throughout the State of Florida and also Co-Counsels with other attorneys to handle trials and appeals.


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Koch - Finance Webflow template image
Koch - Finance Webflow template image
Koch - Finance Webflow template image

Board certified in civil trial

Board certified in appellate trial

Less than 10 of 112,000 lawyers to have this distinction

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